About Us

The Calkins Law Firm, Ltd. (“Calkins Law Firm”) is a premier boutique law firm that specializes in business law and focuses on business transactions and business disputes. Although we are focused on the Ohio and New York Markets, we have extensive international law experience.

We are committed to providing genuine expertise in business law advice, counsel and representation for our clients.

We are also deeply committed to excellence in client service.  And as a NEW MODEL LAW FIRM that makes full use of technology and minimizes unnecessary overhead and other wasteful spending, we are extraordinarily cost effective when compared to comparable old-style law firms.

All of our attorneys are well educated, top rated and highly experienced, which differentiates us from most other law firms and enhances our ability to provide excellence in business law and in client service cost effectively.

We refer to our new model as value added business law. It’s not complicated but is very new and different for a law firm, and it delights our clients. Our clients see the difference!

Why Choose Us

We know that you have a lot of options for selecting a law firm to handle your business law matters. We know that you need to be confident of your attorney’s ability and practical knowledge as well as his or her availability and honesty. If you feel as we do about the importance of expert and cost-effective advice, counsel and representation for your business, then Calkins Law Firm welcomes the opportunity to serve you.

Our attorneys have over 100 years of combined experience in the practice of law. All of our attorneys are well educated, top rated and highly experienced. We have a seasoned staff of professionals to assure that we timely address your needs and you can reach us. As a group, we review all of our matters on a regular basis to assure that nothing falls through the cracks. We use e-mail, web-based legal research, and other technologies so you can reach us and we can give you the most complete and cost-efficient service. Our attorneys have deep roots in the community and a strong reputation to uphold.

Our team brings to each client a genuine passion for the work we do with them.
 Our love of the law motivates us to stay current on business law. We strive to listen well, communicate clearly and earn our clients’ confidence every single day. We are committed to excellence in client service.

We have broad backgrounds in business law. Our service is comprehensive.

We know that legal fees can often be a source of frustration for individuals and business alike. So while we’re neither the least nor most expensive attorneys in the markets we serve, we are proud that our clients find our fees very reasonable considering the expertise and high level of client service we provide.

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