The Critical Importance of Intellectual Property In Business Transactions

Hear from our panel of experts on the topic of intellectual property in business. Followed by Q&A and networking breakout sessions.

About this event

Kathryn Perales of the Calkins Law Firm is an experienced intellectual property attorney who has practiced law for over 20 years in both Ohio and Texas. She has assembled a panel of experts to discuss intellectual property in business transactions at our next event.

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As always, Q&A will follow the presentation, along with networking opportunities in smaller breakout rooms.

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About Kathryn Perales:

Mrs. Perales currently specializes in intellectual property matters including patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret law. With her collective abilities she can aid clients through the registration process while accurately and persuasively describing, defending, and advocating for their inventions, creations, and trademarks.

For Mrs. Perales, intellectual property is a valuable resource that is worth protecting. She doesn’t advocate for conflict, instead educating clients on their rights and value while encouraging them to assert themselves when necessary. Kathy Perales well knows the importance of weighing costs and benefits, risks and rewards, and enjoys the analytical process. She draws from this knowledge to assist her clients in patent best practices. Mrs. Perales has also aided clients in establishing both for profit and nonprofit ventures and has experience in obtaining 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

Having served as general counsel for a number of small corporations, Kathy Perales continues to advise businesses in Ohio and Texas. She enjoys speaking about intellectual property law to community groups, trade associations, entrepreneurial clubs, and economic development agencies.

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CoreWater Technologies LLC:

Dennis J. Flood (left): CTO of CoreWater Technologies LLC, Led NASA’s Photovoltaics and Space Environments Program for 15 years; Has over 110 peer-reviewed scientific publications, and 12 granted patents related to nanotechnology. Extensive experience managing multimillion-dollar technology development programs. Graduate of Wittenberg University (BS), and Michigan State University (Ph.D., Solid State Physics)

Dennis M. Flood (Denny, right): President and CEO of CoreWater Technologies LLC, General Manager at Nanotech Innovations, LLC since 2008; Manages company’s operations, including sales and marketing, production, R&D activities and IP development. Previous experience includes Director of Operations for Nanodielectrics, Inc., a high-tech start up as well as operations and sales experience with NACSCORP, the for profit subsidiary of National Association of College Stores (NACS). Graduate of Oberlin College (BA) and Michigan State University (MA)

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About Frank Swiger:

Frank has over 25 years of executive management in Health Care Career Education, Strategic Planning, Merger and Acquisitions, and curriculum development.

Frank was a non-practicing research-based resident physician who founded his own advanced medical training and education company, Heart Savers Inc. serving physicians and nurses working in large Health Care Centers while in still graduate school. His company achieved rapid growth and was sold four years later to an investment group in Cleveland, Ohio: Complient Corporation, September 1997.

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About Tom Logan:

Tom is the Founder and President of T. H. Logan & Associates, with more than thirty years experience in Industrial Consulting and Merger & Acquisition activities. Focused on corporate entities whose sales volumes range from $5 million to $50 million, his expertise is primarily in the engineering and manufacturing fields. Consulting Services include turnaround management, new product introduction strategies and, where required, capital recovery programs. Merger & Acquisition activities include both Buy and Sell side contracts with emphasis on broad-search confidential campaigns to find and engage the most likely candidates for the transaction. Logan acts as the primary contact between the Buyer and Seller and leads the negotiation through to closing. Clients have included a Fortune 500 company.

Previously, Tom was Vice President of Morgan Engineering–$100 million annual volume in worldwide sales for the primary steel industry in engineered machinery and equipment. Focused on steel mill cranes, steel casting equipment and oil field pumps and drilling rigs. He also served as General Manager for L.W. Nash Co. (wholly owned engineering subsidiary of ALCOA), with $30 million annual volume in worldwide sales for the primary and secondary aluminum industries. Equipment included rolling mills, casters and scrap metal recovery systems.

Tom was also the owner of Master Parts, Inc./Salem Blanking, a Tier 2 metal stamping operation, and has been outside director for both private and publicly held corporations.

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About Daniel Moneypenny:

As you meet Daniel Moneypenny, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of emaginit, you will immediately sense his creativity, robust energy and zest for life. Unbeknown to you, Daniel has an insatiable curiosity about YOU, and his brilliant mind is already moving at the speed of light on your behalf. Daniel’s unique, multi-faceted business model combines his ability to name corporations and products, create brand ideation and brand & corporate positioning.

Over the course of 30 years, Daniel has assembled an elite business community. This Business Network connects and flourishes due to Daniel’s ability to connect business owners with the intention of generating prosperity for all parties. When you engage the services of emaginit, you as the Business Owner, must be prepared to expedite your business growth, as deliverables are brought forth with speed and intensity. Daniel is constantly watching the World’s business activities and due to his innate understanding of cause and effect, his timing for business branding and positioning is unsurpassed.

“Life is short and negativity has no place in my creative world. I am an artist at my true core and I am thrilled when I become the one who molds and inspires another business professional to develop into their true self.” Daniel’s compassion for charities, foundations and causes has resulted in 120+ organizations receiving pro-bono work. “I have been blessed in my life with my wife, children and amazing mentors and colleagues. This is my opportunity to give back and I feel good about doing so.” Daniel Moneypenny lives an Extraordinary Life overflowing with success, optimism, inspiration and legacy, as the connections and network he launched, will go on forever. If you are fortunate to meet Daniel, take advantage of his wisdom, business connections and creativity and know that you are now positioned to choose to receive his magical seed of abundance!

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